Why Blue Hill

100% On-Shore USA Processing IT Environments and Delivering 100% Client Satisfaction

Mainframe, Mid-Range, Server/Cloud Infrastructure – we do it all.

Blue Hill enhances performance, efficiency, and cost savings for clients by tailoring solutions to their technical and financial needs. Our expert staff maintain and support clients’ current environments, allowing them to focus on core objectives without being pressured to upgrade or change operations. This approach ensures seamless transitions, minimizes risk, and expedites migrations.


At Blue Hill, client satisfaction is our priority. Our Service Delivery team, with over 30 years of experience, provides top-quality Fully Managed Services, combining industry knowledge with deep technical expertise.


Since 1994, we’ve supported government and commercial clients exclusively from On-Shore, USA. We help reduce operating expenses, eliminate capital expenses, mitigate workforce retirement risks, meet regulatory compliance, and ensure 100% client success. Differentiated by custom solutions, flexible contracts, cost-effectiveness, and personalized attention, our services include hosting in our private cloud or remote support at client sites.

Why We Are the Right Fit

We put the client first in everything we do, to attain the highest levels of value in exceeding client expectations, to become an extension of our client’s IT team.

Blue Hill

100% On-Shore USA

All of our services are delivered form within the USA.

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Technical Expertise

Our robust technical skills ensure unparalleled support for both commercial and government clients, guaranteeing 100% success. Blue Hill’s Service Delivery teams excel in technical support, engineering, operations, network, security, service desk, and account management, guaranteeing 100% success for client transitions and migrations to Blue Hill. We offer seamless support as an extension of your IT team, prioritizing clear communication to exceed expectations and ensure success for you and your end users.

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Delivering Flexibility

We support clients without requiring them to change their established business practices, seamlessly handling back-leveled hardware and software. We offer suggestions for enhancing efficiencies while allowing them to continue their usual business practices. Clients pay for usage, with flexibility to scale up or down according to business cycles. Choose the needed service for optimized workloads and maximum value.

Cost Effectiveness

Clients benefit from lower costs, maximum ROI on IT investments, and guaranteed service levels without added fees. We deliver promised services cost-effectively, ensuring client satisfaction.


Our Value to you

Blue Hill Data Services consistently achieves 100% client satisfaction by providing Private Cloud and fully managed 24/7 data center hosting solutions, and a full array of complementary IT support services.


  • Increase reliability and performance
  • Introduce new capabilities
  • Improve user experience
  • Reduce risk of retiring workforce
  • Implement efficiencies

What our clients say about us

"We have been a client of Blue Hill data for nearly 20 years and have always received superior service. Your Operations team has managed our day to day needs very well and with consistency. Any new requests, upgrades, projects, annual DR tests, etc. were also handled quickly and professionally. It has been a wonderful partnership and our decision to migrate to a newer in house written and supported system was a difficult one. Thank you again to the Team at Blue Hill who has made this relationship a success over the years!!"

“Blue Hill saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars by hosting our systems as is, and not forcing us to upgrade to the latest hardware and software versions…no other hosting provider would give us this flexibility – the other vendors required us to upgrade before they moved us. By using Blue Hill, we were able to save money and avoid additional costs that would have been incurred during the upgrade process. More importantly, we also saved a considerable amount of time and effort, and the risk of not knowing what we would find if we had to go through a lengthy upgrade process. Blue Hill’s solution allowed us to free up our resources to focus on projects that were critical to meeting our business priorities.”

Delivering services 100% On-Shore USA with a close proximity to NYC

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Best practices in transitioning from your current service provider, plus Mainframe migration best practices.