Choose Blue Hill to save on data center maintenance costs while maintaining control over your hardware and applications. Benefit from our On-Shore, SOC1/SOC2, and PCI-DSS compliant facilities, fully staffed 24/365 to host your critical resources. We offer customized colocation environments with physical security, redundant power, A/C, fire protection, cabinets/racks, telecommunications, loading dock, and freight elevators. Additionally, we provide fully managed support services, hardware maintenance, and dedicated/shared workstations as needed.

Hybrid Cloud colocation, providing highly redundant data center facilities with a full portfolio of services:

Colocation - 24/7 onsite technical team

24/7 onsite technical team

Application services - Managed service providers-Server Cloud Infrastructure - colocation

Fully fault tolerant data centers, through electrical, storage, and distribution networks

Colocation - Better access to space, power, and capacity

Better access to space, power, and capacity

Colocation - Flexibility and scalability that allows additional capacity-Server Cloud Infrastructure

Flexibility and scalability that allows additional capacity (space, power and bandwidth) to be brought on quickly and cost effectively

Select colocation as a first step in moving to the cloud, utilizing our resilient and 24/7 fully staffed data center for housing your business critical infrastructure requirements, and meeting all regulatory compliance. 

Top 7 Benefits for Selecting Colocation for your data center needs:

Secure data center facility that meets all regulatory requirements

Predictable cost and operational model

Better access to space, power, and capacity


Additional capacity for space, power, and network bandwidth that is flexible and scalable

Access to experienced technical staff to manage the data center environment

Resilient data center facility infrastructure for responding to cooling, power, and environmental changes

Service level agreements to ensure you’re getting the service you require