Delivering A Cost Effective Hybrid Cloud Solution

A fast growing agricultural business was experiencing a significant business impact quoting orders, processing orders and effectively responding to clients with their delivery status.  The root cause of this was unacceptable database performance of a SQL Server hosted in the Public Cloud.

It was determined that under normal operation 90% of the available compute and storage resources were being consumed.  High resource utilization was impacting database performance which resulted in processing delays. The growth necessitated an upgrade of the database hardware and software to improve database performance. This would require an investment in hardware and software, and usage fees would increase at the existing Public Cloud provider.

The CTO decided to consider alternatives: evaluate a colocation ‘Private Cloud’ solution, and consider alternatives to determine if the cost to upgrade could be reduced. Though they were considering moving their database workloads out of the Public Cloud, the company was committed to the Public Cloud for hosting several other applications. As such, any solution required maintaining the connectivity to applications that remained in the Public Cloud.


“The Migration to Blue Hill/CAPS has been a great success. We are very pleased with the professional response and flexibility of the team at Blue Hill/CAPS.”


Their Objectives:

  • Upgrade the database server to improve performance to accommodate rapid growth
  • Save money versus the cost of an upgrade
  • Eliminate highly variable public cloud usage fees to enable accurate annual budgeting
  • Find a data center facility between 50 and 100 miles from their offices
  • Have connectivity to the applications residing in the Public Cloud
  • Receive personalized and consistent support


“We were able to install our systems and integrate with our Cloud applications in a few days. We now have a Hybrid Cloud environment that provides us with improved velocity and elasticity, and also saves us a lot of money.”


The Blue Hill/CAPS Solution:

  • Utilized a secure, resilient data center to support the client’s new high end servers
    • The client determined that Blue Hill/CAPS Private Cloud offered a more secure solution than the Public Cloud
    • The client’s database servers are connected to the Public Cloud via VPN
  • Provided a simplified and predictable monthly bill, to better align with the client’s budgeting responsibilities
  • Guaranteed personalized support and a seamless transition for the client
  • Saved the client over $100,000; and obtained a breakeven for the client in under one year


“With Blue Hill/CAPS we have a Hybrid Cloud architecture that will support our dramatic growth without breaking the bank.”