Peter Piasentini

Chief Security Officer and Senior Director, Network Services

As Chief Security Officer at Blue Hill, Peter has implemented various security protocols and procedures to enable Blue Hill to meet and exceed all compliancy requirements across multiple verticals. He also heads up the Network Services Department, supporting Blue Hill’s client and corporate network environments including network design and hardware and software communications product deployment.

Prior to Blue Hill, Peter managed the Network Communications group at WIPRO / Infocrossing. Peter has extensive experience on CISCO Nexus, ASA-X, Firepower IPS/IDS and Aruba platforms.

Peter is also an information management specialist with over 30 years of systems software and network management experience. He is a key systems resource with in-depth knowledge in the transition of information systems. He has an extensive background in systems software, as well as conversions in both mainframe and client/server systems environments.

Peter’s system programming background includes the installation of systems software, the monitoring of system performance at both the operating and communications systems levels, the management of multiple platform migrations between various IBM and non-IBM operating systems, and system modification and tuning to enhance system performance.

Peter received professional training from The Chubb Institute in Computer Programming and continues his professional development through IBM Corporation, On-Line Software International Inc., and CISCO (CCNA, CCNP, CSSP).