Our Value

At Blue Hill, we put our clients first in everything we do. Our Service Delivery team has worked together for 30+ years, delivering the highest quality of Fully Managed Services based on diverse levels of industry experience and coupled with deep levels of technical expertise.

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Our Commitment to our Clients

Every one of our clients is referenceable. We consistently achieve 100% Client Satisfaction.

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100% On-Shore USA Delivery

All of our services are delivered from On-Shore USA.

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Our People

We provide seamless support acting as an extension of your IT team, to ensure that you receive the attention you and your end users deserve. We emphasize clear and consistent communication in exceeding each client’s expectations, achieving the highest levels of success.

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Industry Experience and Success

Private cloud hosting and managed services represent our core competency. Our experience is cross-industry and includes commercial and government clients.

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Technical Expertise

Our Service Delivery teams are highly skilled to deliver the highest quality experience, including technical support and engineering, operations, network, security, service desk, and account management. Our people possess the necessary skills to ensure 100% success for every client transition and migration to Blue Hill.

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Delivering Flexibility

Our clients work in the same manner they are used to operating in. We do not force them to change their operating procedures or change the way they are used to conducting their business, and provide recommendations on ways to increase efficiencies.

What We Do

Optimize and modernize each client’s IT environment

  • Increase reliability and performance to attain the greatest levels of efficiency for:
    • Private Cloud and Managed Services
    • Applications Support, Modernization, and Consultative Services

Introduce new capabilities

  • Improve and extend performance
  • Increases the value of your IT investments
  • Improve the user experience

Implement efficiencies

  • Reduce the risk of a retiring workforce
  • Leverage your technology stack to increase performance
  • Introduce new functionality to drive successful business outcomes

Our Value Proposition

Blue Hill Data Services consistently achieves 100% client satisfaction by providing Private Cloud and fully managed 24/7 data center hosting solutions, and a full array of complementary IT support services.

We deliver all services from On-Shore, USA, and since 1994 we have supported government and commercial clients, helping them reduce their operating expense, eliminate capital expense, mitigate the risk of a retiring workforce, meet all regulatory compliance and audit requirements, and achieve 100% client success.

Our differentiation is providing customized solutions, flexibility both in contracts and solutions, cost effectiveness, and personalized attention. Our clients’ data center environments can be hosted within Blue Hill’s private cloud, or Blue Hill support services can be provided remotely to the clients’ site.

Our Specializations Include:


Eliminate the time and cost to maintain your own data center facility. Our resilient 24/7 fully staffed data centers will maintain your business critical infrastructure.

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Remote Support

We manage your critical applications without moving your hardware – and provide the critical talent as your workforce retires. Our skilled Mainframe technical and Applications professionals will deliver the end-to-end support you need.

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Application Services

Our programming services will support all identified and targeted applications within your environment, from maintenance and enhancements, to software analysis and coding services, to transformation and modernization projects.

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Our deep technical skills and longstanding experience enable us to support our clients’ legacy environments as well as implement new technology solutions.

We do not force clients to upgrade or change the way they are used to doing business.

We have successfully carved out a niche in supporting Mainframe applications and infrastructure environments.  Acting as our clients’ partner, we can support their environments either indefinitely or until they choose to get off the Mainframe, providing flexibility in reducing costs as utilization decreases.

We are proud of our 100% client satisfaction