Software-as-a-Service - Credit Insurance and Debt Protection Solutions (XyberNET)

Our Software-as-a-Service- Credit Insurance and Debt Protection Solution XyberNET® portfolio of products provide comprehensive insurance processing systems and services for the credit life, disability, property, debt protection, and lender placed property and casualty markets.

The XyberNET® systems are fully integrated with each other.  The systems use the same rules engines, and configuration processes enabling cross system validation, editing, combined reporting, and other time saving features.

We offer full administrative services with software and hosting solutions.  We provide complete hosting services with class A data centers, full backup and recovery, expert staff and 24/7 coverage.

software-as-a-service - XyberNET - Managed service provider

Benefits of our Software-as-a-Service:

Our solutions are designed to meet Client-specific requirements, help manage your budget, and provide the flexibility you need to adapt to future needs.

XyberNET‘s® Xycor Systems are highly configurable, providing tremendous flexibility and processing options.

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“Communications have been excellent and response times very much in line if not better than expected."

“The team at XyberNET is fair, honest and trustworthy in their work and dealings.”

“We have been very impressed by their experience, professionalism and reliability as they continue to exceed our expectations.”

“From day one of our initial meeting, through the entire implementation process, to the current occasional issue that pops up, we have been able to count on XyberNET every step of the way for guidance and assistance."

XyberNET® products include:



xyCard is the most comprehensive card insurance / debt protection administration system for premium fee verification and billing available in the marketplace today.

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Application services - Managed service providers


xyAdmin promotes operating efficiencies to help improve your bottom line.

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Managed service providers, software-as-a-service


Manage a full-service Credit Insurance/ Debt protection operation with xyCredit, offering flexibility, audit controls, statistical, GAAP and statutory reporting.

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mainframe configuration, software-as-a-service


xyClaim is an interactive claims administration system, allowing for complete service and maintenance of life, property, disability and unemployment insurance claims.

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Datarray® enables corporations to leverage one of their most important assets: information.

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Application services - Managed service providers


xyMaster is our complete master policy quoting, printing and administration solution.

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