IBM Mainframe Application Modernization

Whether you are thinking about a Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud for your mission critical applications, we have the experience to plan, implement and support your move from legacy technologies to the Cloud. Leverage our capabilities to mitigate your risks and ensure a smooth migration.

Our goal is to optimize each client’s journey in order to be a source of sustainable competitive advantage:

  • Unlock the latent capabilities of your systems of record
  • Rationalize and modernize your applications and data
  • Modernize platform technologies supporting your applications and data

Help Drive Digital Transformation of Your Legacy Mainframe Applications

Selecting the right partner to analyze your mission critical assets and data and provide a roadmap for a successful project completion.

More than half of organizations that start a legacy system modernization project fail to achieve their objectives. Learn from our expertise and experience in building successful outcomes.

Maintaining your mainframe applications may be an area of concern due to rising hardware and software costs, and finding skilled professionals to replace your retiring workforce.

We will help you address these disruptive changes and modernization challenges, like upgrading your aging CPU, operating systems, mixed system monitoring and updating old management hardware and software facing end-of-life support.

We provide a flexible choice between managing your hardware and software on premise at your site or reaping from cost savings benefits by hosting at our secure data center facilities utilizing a leveraged cost model. We can manage your production and DR environments while developing and implementing your modernization plan.

We will help transform your legacy systems while preparing you for future growth, with the flexibility to deliver public, private, or a hybrid cloud solution. The goal is to deliver the business value you expect, by allowing you to integrate new technologies where needed and leverage legacy systems where appropriate.

Client Benefits

Benefits of using our strategic planning services includes streamlined project management capabilities for complex technology refreshes and getting the most out of your critical system investments, including:

  • Strategic implementation and deployment
  • Roadmaps and project planning meeting defined timelines and budget objectives
  • Select, deploy, and deliver cost effective solutions for supporting your business goals

Learn from our Best Practices FAQs for Legacy Modernization


  1. Can I modernize my Mainframe environment without moving to a server platform?
  2. What are the latest trends for modernization and how do I know what is right for my company?
  3. What are the options for modernization or transformation of my Mainframe applications?
  4. What are the differences in terms of costs and effort between Emulation, Porting, and Re-writing applications?
  5. What are the objectives and options available with language conversion tools?
  6. Are code converters viable options when the decision is to re-write legacy applications?
  7. What are the options for modernizing my CICS systems?
  8. What code converters are available for Third Party/ISV Mainframe software products?
  9. Are there effective code converters for Assembler?
  10. Can source code such as COBOL be ported to a client server platform and run in a native mode?
  11. What are the options with Mainframe code such as DYL-280 and QuikJob?
  12. What do we do with scheduling software such as CA-7 when applications are ported to a server platform?
  13. What are my options regarding VSAM files? How are VSAM files handled on a server platform?