IBM Mainframe COBOL Maintenance and Support

Whether you need immediate support because key members of your applications staff are retiring, or are looking for a more cost effective way to support certain applications, we can help.

Our programmers are knowledgeable in all aspects of the application software for your Mainframe and AS/400-iSeries environments. Our teams provide top-notch service, from utilizing best-practice technical design and coding, to maintaining and/or enhancing existing programs. They possess full understanding of all pertinent software required for day-to-day business operations. Our experts are proficient in all areas of these platforms, including high-level programming languages, legacy languages, operating systems, and databases.

Blue Hill’s support staff conducts unit and system testing and can accommodate all system and environmental changes. Our team responds quickly and appropriately to all issues, handles all updates and troubleshooting, and acts as a guide, providing suggestions and solutions for improved application performance.

We will work with you collaboratively to determine the most appropriate solution for providing optimum support.

Standard Application Services Mainframe and AS/400 - iSeries Systems:

Customized to meet each client’s unique requirements

Applications Development Projects

  • Dedicated project development teams

Applications Maintenance and Support

  • Day-to-day support of the business applications
  • Enhancements, code and software maintenance

Functions Performed

  • Project Management
  • Business and Technical Analysis
  • Programming Modifications and Enhancements
  • Programming Code Upgrades and Conversions
  • Unit and Systems Testing
  • Systems Integration and Implementation
  • Database Administration and Technical Support
  • Database Conversions

Our Specialty: Legacy Maintenance and Support

  • Mainframe: COBOL, Assembler, PL1, Natural, CICS
  • Databases: DB2, CA-IDMS and Datacom, IMS, VSAM, Adabas
  • AS/400 – iSeries: RPG, COBOL, CL

Benefits of Blue Hill Application Services:

Our Applications Services team can help clients reduce costs, provide flexibility, and free up the clients’ existing staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Lower annual IT capital expenditures and operating costs

Provide flexibility by allowing a client’s work force to expand and contract as needed

Reduce constraints associated with limited IT skill sets

Experience faster turnaround times for maintenance and enhancements

Client Pain Points

Client has a Lack of Skills/Resources

  • Shrinking Mainframe or resource labor pool, due to retirement
  • Lack of skilled resource to support your legacy databases
  • Fear of losing resources that have critical business knowledge
    No new legacy Mainframe skilled labor entering workforce (colleges/universities not training on Mainframe legacy platforms
  • Inability to address new enhancements
  • Shortage or lack of resources for development projects
  • Diminishing skill levels resulting in longer turnaround times for maintenance and enhancements

Client Needs to Manage and Reduce Costs

  • High maintenance and support costs
  • Changes to processes are more complex or costly
  • Budget cuts

Clients Often Respond YES to the Following Questions:

  • Do you find it more difficult to support your legacy Mainframe or AS/400 iSeries applications?
  • Are you concerned about programmers retiring and increasing scarcity of legacy skills?
  • Do you have a fear that if you did lose a critical resource, you would also be losing critical business knowledge?
  • Do you have a restriction on your ability to hire FTEs?
  • Are budget limitations preventing much needed improvements to your legacy applications?
  • Do you need to consolidate portfolios or reduce production support and maintenance costs?
  • Do you need help with database administration and support?
  • Do you need help with moving legacy data formats to new Mainframe or AS/400 – iSeries RDBMS structures?

Why Blue Hill Data Services

  • We become an extension of your IT Department and Team
  • We are INVESTED in your success
  • Skilled Legacy Resources are available to you when needed
  • Our flexibility guarantees preferred arrangements to suit your particular needs

Best Practices White Paper

A comprehensive Business Value Assessment of a client’s application environment, with options available to provide support and augment their staff’s capabilities:

Best Practices for Sourcing IT Applications


  1. Availability of Legacy skills on the open market.
  2. Sourcing only certain parts of applications portfolio.
  3. On-shore vs. off-shoring the workload requirements.
  4. Logistics: Onsite, Remote, Hybrid
  5. IT Transition Management and Risk Mitigation
  6. Business and Operational Knowledge Transfer
  7. Getting Started
  8. Applications Services Assessment
  9. Personnel and Functions
  10. Workflow Processes
  11. Communications: The Business Units and the IT Staff
  12. IT Governance and Service Level Agreements
  13. Special Requests and Projects
  14. Production Support
  15. Escalation