Nigel Jhagroo

Director, Production Control

Nigel manages the Scheduling and Production Control Support Department and has deep experience in IBM mainframe and Client-Server Production environments. Nigel has over 30 years of experience in computer IT operations a as well as production control. At Blue Hill, Nigel has been involved in over 50 successful migrations, where he specialized in Virtual Tape Administration and Implementation of IBM 7700/40/20, IBM B10/20, SDS Secure Agent, Luminex and CA-VTape.

Prior to Blue Hill, Nigel was a MVS System Administrator at a leading insurance company where his responsibilities included job scheduling, production control, job setup, storage management, problem management, CICS administration, RACF security administration and MQ Series administration.

Nigel’s background includes z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE Operating Systems and Mainframe third party software products. He has also successfully completed technical courses at IBM’s New York City training facility and is HIPAA Certified.