The Test of a True Team: From a Disaster Recovery Plan to a Valued Partnership

This major equity firm needed to quickly develop a disaster recovery/business continuity (BCDR) plan, which included work area recovery seating where staff could resume operations in the event of an outage. The company turned to Blue Hill/CAPS for a BCDR solution that would keep them operational despite any planned or unplanned disruptions.

In 2005, a leading, global private equity firm spun off as a Registered Investment Adviser under the Advisers Act of 1940. Upon this major milestone, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) viewed disaster recovery and business continuity as essential components of compliance and risk management. As a result, this major equity firm needed to quickly develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, which included an offsite facility where they could resume operations in the case of an unplanned outage. This firm turned to Blue Hill Data Services/CAPS for the service, capabilities and accommodations required to keep this leading organization operating during times of crisis.

“We worked with a trusted colleague of ours, who helped us with our plan and brought us to Blue Hill/CAPS for our operational needs,” said the CFO of this global private equity firm. “The team at Blue Hill/CAPS provided us with dedicated seats where we could go to resume operations, and also helped us develop the facility requirements for our disaster recovery plan. We formed a great relationship and continued to test our plan throughout the year.”

Years later, as the number of employees at this equity firm grew substantially, the CFO realized that their disaster recovery and business continuity plan needed to expand as well. With the current plan in place, the company would be taking on too much risk in the event of an outage. In order to accommodate their ever-growing needs, this company once again turned to the team at Blue Hill/CAPS, described by this CFO as a “trusted business partner in our organization.” Blue Hill/CAPS worked closely with the company to establish a more intricate disaster recovery and business continuity plan, which included additional space for employees and many more provisions in their facility.

“We told the folks at Blue Hill/CAPS exactly what we needed and they worked out the room to our specifications,” said the CFO. “It’s been more than a year with the new facility and we have already done our semi-annual tests. We very much appreciate their responsiveness and fluid communication. Blue Hill/CAPS is definitely meeting our needs.”

The clients of Blue Hill/CAPS have become increasingly interested in business continuity and disaster recovery, relying on the redundant infrastructure and on the functionality necessary to run their businesses in the event of an outage. Blue Hill/CAPS takes pride in building strong relationships with their customers and building trust.

Throughout the course of their partnership, this leading equity firm realized that they definitely developed a trusted and valuable relationship with the team at Blue Hill/CAPS. Blue Hill/CAPS continues to provide this firm with personalized service and flexibility, and is very proactive in cultivating a lasting relationship with them.

“We have all dealt with service providers that drag their feet, don’t take the time to understand or don’t appreciate the urgency of the request,” said this CFO. “Blue Hill/CAPS understands what we need, responds quickly and makes sure we are happy with it. They are very collaborative, in terms of thinking through situations in how we can make this process even better. They also give us flexibility for testing, since this is very important to us. Little things like that add up over time in building our relationship.”

The CFO continued, “This personalized service really does matter.”